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Our Events Programme is Back!

7 September 2020

It's been a while, but we are excited to announce the return of our events programme. 

We're taking our events online. We've got online workshops, a new course from our Human Remains Conservator, and our brand new "Surgeons' Hall Museums On Demand" series which allows you to watch our talks at a time that suits you.

We are also introducing a new talk series called "Surgeons' Hall Museums On Demand". This is a series of pre-recorded talks that will be available for 7 days for those who have registered to watch them. 

Full infromation and ticket details can be found by clicking the links below.


28th- Edinburgh Medical Detectives: The Return of Sherlock Holmes (part of Surgeons' Hall Museums on Demand)


5th- Potted Pathology: Part 1 Cardiovascular Disease 
(part of Surgeons' Hall Museums on Demand)
22nd- Medicine and Blood: Online Kids Workshop
31st- The Bloody History of Surgery: Online Workshop for Adults


2nd- Potted Pathology: Part 2 The Brain and Neurological Disease (part of Surgeons' Hall Museums on Demand)
14th- Forensic Art: An Introduction to Forensic Art and Facial Reconstruction
18th- Internal Reflections: Representing Anatomy in Art
23rd- Death in the Arctic; Harry Goodsir and the Franklin Expedition 
(part of Surgeons' Hall Museums on Demand)


7th- Potted Pathology: Part 3 Allergy and Pathologies of the Immune System (part of Surgeons' Hall Museums on Demand)

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