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Potted Pathology: Cardiovascular Disease

Date(s): 5 October 2020 - 12 October 2020

Time: 7pm

Cost: £2

Booking Link:

Potted Pathology Part 1 (2)

Professor Ken Donaldson, Senior Research Fellow in the Museum, will discuss 3 prominent areas of disease development- Cardiovascular Disease, Neurological Disease and Pathology of the Immune system. Each part of the series must be booked individually and can be enjoyed as an individual talk or as part of the series if you wish to book all three.

Lecture 1; Potted Pathology Cardiovascular Disease, will describe the main diseases of the cardiovascular system, the major causes of death in the modern world with their underlying causes and treatments. The lecture will embrace atherosclerosis, heart-attack and stroke, aneurysm, dysrhythmia and valve disease.

This is a pre-recorded lecture which will last approximately 1 hour. Ticket holders will receive exclusive access to view this lecture at their leisure from 3pm GMT on Monday the 5th of October for 7 days. Ticket holders can also ask questions in the comments section below the lecture which will be answered by the speaker.

We will email attendees the link and password to lecture through Eventbrite by 3pm on Monday the 5th of October. The lecture will then be accessible for 7days. Please keep a look out for your details and check spam if not received.

 Eventbrite charge a booking fee (0.49p + 6.5% of the ticket value) for this event which is included in your ticket price but is non-refundable.

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