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Medicine and Blood: Online Kids Workshop

Date(s): 22 October 2020

Time: 2pm

Cost: £6

Age Restrictions: 8+

Booking Link:

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Join Surgeons Hall Museums for some hands on learning in this new Zoom workshop for Kids.

Explore the bloody history of surgery!

This online workshop looks at how surgery was carried out in the past, including amputation without pain relief! We’ll look at a pig’s heart and you will make your own model of human blood. You don’t need prior knowledge of science to try your hand with the activities and a list of equipment will be provided.



For This workshop You Will Need:

• Clear plastic bottle with lid (approx. 300 to 500ml)

• pouring / measuring jug

• Large beaker for mixing

• 2 x spoons

• Cold water (approx. 500ml)

• Yellow & red food dyes

• Cheerios breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies will also work) – enough to fill half the plastic bottle

• Small white marshmallows – about 3 to 6

• Salt (teaspoon amount)

• Rice (teaspoon amount)

We will email attendees with the Zoom meeting code by 3pm the day before the workshop. Please check your spam mail if you have not received your login details by this time.

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