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Our spring events programme has launched!

26 March 2024
We have a fantastic range of events lined up for the next few months. We are very excited to be hosting another Evening with Surgeons' Hall, which will have a variety of new hands on activities.
Also coming up in the next few months are new lunch time talks, art workshops and an online talk by our Human Remains Conservator, Cat Irving, about her role at the museum. 

1st- Lunch Time Talk: The Eye in Myth and Science 
8th- Sensory Friendly Quiet Evening
21st- Exploring Anatomy Through Art: Dry Point Etching

6th- Lunch Time Talk- Asbestos From Magic Mineral to Deathly Dust
17th- An Evening with Surgeons' Hall

13th- Preserving the Body: The Role of  a Human Remains Conservator
16th- Exploring Anatomy Through Art: Patchworking Eyes
24th- Lunch Time Talk- The Rise of Edinburgh's Medical Institutions 

Tickets for April- June for our Blood and Guts: The Twists and Turns of Edinburgh's Medical History walking tours are also on sale.
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