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Lunch Time Talk: The Eye in Myth and Science

Date(s): 1 April 2024

Time: 1.15pm

Cost: £3

Booking Link:

Lunch Time Talk Eyes (1)

Join Surgeons' Hall Museums Human Remains Conservator Cat Irving as she discusses the human eye in myth and science during this bite sized talk. 
Shakespeare said that the eyes are the window to your soul, and vision has often been considered our primary sense. Cat Irving will look at the way myth, folklore and science have changed our understanding of the eye through time. How did this delicate organ become the site of one of the earliest procedures? Did a Scottish king try his hand at operating on the eye in 1501? Why did a local saint pluck out her eyes? And what on earth was Issac Newton doing when he pushed a bodkin round the back of his eye to try and figure out how it worked?
Talk will last approximately 30mins and there will be tea and coffee available for ticket holders.
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