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Immersive robotic surgery exhibit to debut at Surgeon’s Hall Museum

9 September 2021

Visitors to one of Scotland’s oldest museums can participate in a da Vinci Surgical console and simulation experience, at the “Body Voyager” exhibition.

From the 11th of September visitors to Edinburgh’s Surgeons’ Hall Museums will have the opportunity to see an innovative surgical robot up close. The da Vinci surgical system has arrived at the museum as part of its new Body Voyager exhibition, which takes visitors on a journey through the human body to explore how technology is changing the face of healthcare.

The da Vinci system was donated to the museum by Intuitive Surgical, the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery that has more than 6,000 systems installed globally, including 20 years of innovation history in the UK. 

The da Vinci systems are used by surgeons to carry out operations using a minimally invasive approach that may improve patient outcomes. The system will be a focal point in the new galleries and visitors to Body Voyager will be able to experience what the surgeon experiences during a robotic-assisted procedure.



Chris Henry, Director of Heritage at the Museum said: “Our Body Voyager Galleries will look at the future of surgery and try to address changes that have taken place in recent yearsThe da Vinci surgical system is a fantastic addition to the galleries and will give visitors a unique opportunity to operate one of the most advanced pieces of surgical equipment currently available.”
Body Voyager will take visitors through the human body exploring the way in which modern technology is changing the course of modern surgery and patient care. A high level of interactive computer technology, working surgical instruments, human specimens and AV presentations will create an immersive experience.

Visitors will enjoy an interactive art-based programme designed specifically for Body Voyager to enable them to see what surgeons experience when operating the robotic-assisted da Vinci system.

“We’re delighted to help make such a ground-breaking new exhibition possible at the renowned Surgeon’s Hall Museum,” said Dr. Catherine Mohr, president of the Intuitive Foundation. “With da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery being used increasingly throughout the UK to transform the lives of patients, we hope this exhibition will help educate and inspire the next generation of surgeons and innovators.”

David Marante, Regional Director of Intuitive in the UK and Ireland, said: “By giving museum visitors this hands-on experience of our da Vinci surgical system we hope to help them understand the value of da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery for patients and how we develop our technology with surgeons to enhance patient care.”

The new permanent galleries are the second phase of the museum redevelopment.  Phase one was completed in 2015 when the museum underwent a £4.4 million Heritage Lottery funded refurbishment. The museum’s collections chart the development of anatomical medical knowledge between the 16th and 19th centuries and deal with subjects such as the history of surgery, techniques and technology, surgical specialty, anatomy and a host of other themed subjects.

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