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Lunch Time Talks: The Anatomists Best Friend- A Short History of Dogs in portraits of Human Dissection

Date(s): 3 July 2023

Time: 1.15pm

Cost: £3

Booking Link:

LTT What The Dog Saw (1)

Join Surgeons' Hall Museums this Summer for our new series of bite sized lunch time talks.

In this lunch time talk Human Remains Conservator Cat Irving as she discusses the history of dogs in portraits of human dissection.

In 1315, Mondino de Luzzi carried out a public dissection in Bologna. It was the first authorised dissection of its kind since Ptolomeic Egypt almost 1600 years earlier, and was the start of human dissection becoming a regular part of anatomical study. These events were often depicted in art, and frequently these illustrations would feature a dog – maybe sleeping under the table, looking on intently, and sometimes even acquiring a small snack. This short talk from our Human Remains Conservator will look at some of the different representations, and examine what this canine attendance tells us about the history of dissection.

Talks will last approximately 30 mins and there will be tea and coffee available for ticket holders.

 Eventbrite charge a booking fee (0.49p + 6.5% of the ticket value) for this event which is added to your ticket price and is non-refundable.

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