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Forensic Art and Facial Reconstruction

Date(s): 17 September 2022

Time: 12pm

Cost: £18

Age Restrictions: 16+

Booking Link:

Copy Of Anatomical Modelling FOH 2160 1080Px

Facial reconstruction is an interpretation of human remains in an attempt to depict the likeness of the deceased, using a combination of art and science techniques.

For this in-person workshop, Fleming will teach you the process involved when recreating a full facial reconstruction using a replica skull, and discuss the scientific methods that are used when only skeletal remains are available to aid in the identification of a person.

Karen Fleming has an MSc in forensic art and facial identification from The University of Dundee, along with a BA (hons) degree in painting from Edinburgh College of Art. She has recently been working on 2D facial reconstructions, some of which can be seen in our newly opened temporary exhibition.

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