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Living Autopsy with Dr. Suzy Lishman CBE

Date(s): 26 May 2022

Time: 7pm

Cost: £12

Booking Link:

Living Autopsy 1

Join consultant histopathologist Dr Suzy Lishman CBE as she performs a living autopsy to investigate the effects of modern living on the body. Discover what an autopsy involves and how post-mortem examinations have transformed our understanding of disease and why future investigations may not require a scalpel.

Her award-winning living autopsy has been seen by thousands in real life, and over one million people online. In her day job, Suzy specialises in bowel cancer diagnosis and establishing accurate causes of death. Out of work Suzy gives regular talks to schools, specialist societies and the public, and has appeared on numerous television programmes discussing historic murders and diseases such as bubonic plague, syphilis and arsenic poisoning.  

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