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Be it Ever So Toxic- There's No Place Like Home

Date(s): 7 June 2021

Cost: £2.74

Age Restrictions: 16+

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Be It Ever So Toxic (3)

We all like to think of home as a place of comfort but also one of safety and security. However, we now know that in the past, and largely unrecognised at the time, the home could be quite a toxic environment. This talk describes some of the more harmful aspects of home life which, over the years, took a toll on the health of families. Amongst the dangers found in the domestic setting over the years I will be discussing the domestic toxicology of carbon monoxide poisoning, arsenic in coloured objects and finishes, asbestos in walls and products, Salmonella in chicken, lead in colourings and pipes and food adulteration. Adulteration is the wilful addition of cheaper substances to food and passing that adulterated food off as the real thing for the purposes of profit, a practice that has been rife throughout recorded time.


How It Works

This is a pre-recorded lecture which lasts approximately 1 hour and delivered specially for Surgeons Hall Museums online program. Ticket holders will receive exclusive access to view this lecture at their leisure from 3pm GMT on Monday the 7th of June and the talk will then be available to view at your leisure until the 1st of July 2021. Ticket holders can also ask questions in the comments section below the lecture which will be answered by the speaker.

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