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Simpson's Tri-Surgeons Cup Science Quest- Online Kids Workshop

Date(s): 13 April 2021

Time: 2pm

Cost: £7.06

Age Restrictions: 7+

Booking Link:

Tri Surgeon Cup

Are you ready to take on the science quest to find Simpson’s Tri-surgery cup taken by a group of famous scientists? This online workshop combines hands-on experiments, activities and puzzles to solve clues to locate the cup hidden deep within the museum. You don’t need prior knowledge of science to try your hand with the activities! The list of equipment you will need can be found below!

Suitable for Age 7+

For This Workshop You Will Need:

Red cabbage


Spoon (x2)

Measuring or pouring jug

Warm water (can use hot water tap)

Skittles (packet of)

Small plate (e.g. side plate, white)

Cooking oil (1/3 full in small clear glass or beaker).

Food colourings

Ruler (30cm length, should not be flexible)

Plasticine, Play doh or Blu-tack (enough to make 3 or 4 small objects)

Pencil or pen

Vinegar (clear)

Bicarbonate of Soda

Clear glass or plastic beaker (x3)

Blank paper

Dropper (pipette)

We will email attendees with the Zoom meeting code by 3pm the day before the workshop. Please check your spam mail if you have not received your login details by this time. If you have any problems please email

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