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Body Voyager

Our brand new Body Voyager galleries are now open!


Body Voyager explores the rise in computerised and robotic technology in medicine. The galleries will incorporate a high level of interactive computer technology, working surgical instruments, human specimens and AV presentations to create an immersive experience. Visitors are taken on a journey through the human body exploring the way in which modern technology is changing the course of modern surgery and patient care. The galleries aim to get you thinking about how the surgical world is advancing and how they would feel about receiving treatment via these technological advancements.

There are four zones in the galleries: an introduction, the head, the torso and the limbs. Each area will look at the extent to which robotics has been introduced into certain procedures already, as well as charting the development of robotic equipment.

Surgeons’ Hall have been worked with a number of surgical companies including Intuitive Surgical Inc, Freehand Surgical, Stryker and Bbraun to showcase some equipment used by surgeons, from the first pieces of robotic equipment used in the operating theatre to some of the most up to date, high tech instruments in use today.


Visitors will take an immersive journey through the human body in a new virtual reality experience. The galleries will pose many questions for visitors to consider: Will technology improve patient safety? Would you like to be operated on by a robot? Will the surgeon of the future be a data programmer? Will these changes ever replace the surgeon?

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