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Potted Pathology Part 2: Infection

Date(s): 18 April 2019

Time: 7pm

Cost: £3

Age Restrictions: 16+

Booking Link:

Potted Pathology pt 2


Potted Pathology: Infection is the first in a 3 part talk series focused on the 3 fundamental processes in disease development. Each part of the series has to be booked individually and can be enjoyed  as an individual talk or as part of the series if you wish to book all three. 

Have you ever wondered what is happening to your lungs when you have a cold, or what is going on in the painful joints of someone with arthritis? Maybe you have puzzled over the mystery of cancer and how it grows and spreads through the body. Pathology is the study of disease and seeks to understand how processes such as these lead to disease. 

In this sequence of talks Professor Ken Donaldson, Senior Research Fellow in the Museum, will describe 3 essential underlying pathological processes that lead to disease- inflammation, infection and cancer development.

We exist in a sea of microbes in our environment and even within our own bodies, yet we mostly do not suffer from infection. How do we defend ourselves against microbes and how do some of them evade the defenses, causing us to succumb to infection?

This is the second in a series of 3 talks which will describe the fundamental aspects of pathology in an interesting and accessible way.

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