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“A fair field, and no favour" Edinburgh Medical Women c. 1869 – 1920.

Date(s): 13 September 2018

Time: 7pm

Cost: £2

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       'A fair field, and no favour' Edinburgh Medical Women c. 1869-1920

Celebrating the history of medical woman in Edinburgh, this talk discusses the careers of Edinburgh’s Medical women through the first fifty years of their acceptance into the profession. Women’s entry to medicine, and their right to train and practice as doctors, was one of the great success stories of first wave feminism. Much of the fight for women’s medical education took place in Edinburgh, here at Surgeons Hall. But once the dust had settled and women had gained the right to qualify and practice, what happened? What were the terms of women’s access to the profession, and in what ways have those terms influenced the direction of women’s work in medicine – in Edinburgh and elsewhere - ever since?

Elaine Thomson has a PhD in medical history, focusing on the Edinburgh Hospital for Woman and Children, the first hospital in Britain founded and run by women, for women. She has published widely on the subject. As E.S. Thomson she also writes medical-historical fiction.

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