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The Edinburgh 7: Rehearsed Reading

Date(s): 27 October 2018

Time: 2pm-4pm

Cost: £2

Booking Link:

ED 7 Reading (2)


Join Surgeons' Hall Museums and a cast of professional actors and musicians for a full-rehearsed reading of the thrilling new play with songs about Sophia Jex-Blake and the Edinburgh Seven: The first female medical students in Great Britain. 

This new musical, conceived by Jordanna O'Neill and written by award winning writers John and Martin Kielty, has been developed with support from Surgeons' Hall Museums and Creative Scotland.  

It's Edinburgh 1870 and there's a riot at Surgeons' Hall! What in blazes? Are the graveyards being plundered? Have Burke and Hare returned? No, it's worse... anatomy is being taught... to women!

Seven valiant women lead a charge against medical monopolists, lawmakers and the public, as they fight for their right to medical education, whilst struggling to balance their private lives and the pressures of society- and all while preparing for their final exams. More proof, if it were ever needed, that women are better at multi-tasking.

In Victorian Britain, the medical profession is exclusively the province of the male. Fasten your carriage-harnesses as SOPHIA JEX BLAKE leads her Magnificent Seven through a harrowing, hilarious and heartbreaking fight based on principles and morality. The campaigners take on the mighty medical establishment, who will do everything they can to intimidate and silence them forever. 

Told through original text and song this is a story of friendship, powerful opponents, a love for medicine and overcoming the odds.

After the reading, there will be a chance to have a chat with the actors and writers and view Surgeons' Hall Museums collections.
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