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Digging into the Mysteries of Soutra with Dr Brian Moffat

Date(s): 19 October 2017

Time: 7pm

Cost: £2

Booking Link:

The medieval Soutra hospital was built just off the Royal Road; the main route between England and Scotland, and dates back to 12th century. It was run by Augustinian monks looking after the poor, travellers, pilgrims and the elderly, as well as those who were unwell.

Dr Brian Moffat, led an excavation at Soutra Aisle during  the 1980’s , and has led the Soutra Research Project since then. Dig findings from Soutra shed light on how those with psychiatric illnesses were treated, how epidemics were managed, and how dentistry and surgery in the Middle Ages was carried out. Surgeons’ Hall Museums are delighted to welcome Dr Moffat, lead archaeologist on the excavation, as he discusses the findings and sheds light of the mysteries of medical care in the middle ages.

Soutra: Surgery & Superstition is an HLF funded Stories, Stones & Bones programme developed in collaboration with DigIt!2017, TRACS and Mercat Tours as part of #HHA2017

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